Trucam Video Laser
trucam video laser

The TruCAM is the first all-in-one, laser-based video speed camera. It collects and stores a complete chain of video evidence for both speeding and tailgating, along with a highresolution image that identifies vehicle make, model and license plate number. This all gets paired with the precise speed, distance, time, location and operator ID, making all violations captured by the TruCAM practically indisputable. It can even be used to help validate seat belt use, aggressive driving and road rage. The TruCAM is the final word in traffic enforcement evidence. After all, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video tells the whole story.

Key Features

» Ensure your evidence is always secure with the tamper-proof data encryption
» Capture evidence even on motorcycles or vehicles with only rear plates
» Detect and defeat laser jammers
» Save and record violations that are within your desired speed limit
» Determine some facial characteristics of the violator

TruViewer Software for Archiving & Post-Procesing

Trucam Video LaserSimply remove the SD card from the TruCAM and transfer all your collected field data onto your PC. TruViewer allows you to easily review, print and store video footage, high-resolution pictures of license plates and the associated violation data.

Tru CAM Details
Trucam Video Laser
Operational Modes

» Speed Mode: Generates video, a still image of license plate and all attribute data for a speeding violation

» Auto Mode: Combines automated enforcement with video and license plate imaging for mobile deployment

» Rear Plate Mode: Measures the speed and maintains a chain of video evidence until the rear license
  plate is captured

» Weather Mode: Captures accurate data in light rain, snow or fog

» Video Only Mode: Log instant video of violations, such as blocking traffic, failure to wear a safety belt and
  misuse of HOV lanes

» Dual Speed Mode*: Automatically differentiates between cars and commercial trucks and applies
  the correct preset speed limit

» Tailgating Mode*: Measures speed, traveling time and distance between two vehicles for
  “Following Too Closely” violations * ptional TruCAM upgrade"

Trucam Video Laser
Trucam Video Laser