SSS Speed Safety System
speed safety system

Most governments all over the world prioritise the improvement of road safety. One of the available tools for influencing the behaviour of road-users is traffic law enforcement – and in particular speed enforcement.


The Sensys Speed Safety System is based on Sensys’ multi-tracking radar. This wide-beam radar unit, capable of tracking multiple vehicles simultaneously, uses a lobe that oversees several lanes up to 150 meters deep. Vehicles moving within that cone are tracked and their movements analysed. Speed is determined through Doppler and checked by distance over time. At the defined report line a picture is taken should there be a speed violation. Numerous reports demonstrate that applying speed enforcement contributes to road safety. The number of casualties is reduced.

In Sweden, the Sensys Speed Safety System has been introduced to the public as the new Life Saver, and where statistics also show a positive effect on road safety.


For stationary use, the system is installed in a cabinet mounted on a pole. The cabinets are made for all weather conditions and can be delivered with heaters and fans or air conditioning. All units in the system are modular and rack-mounted for easy inter-changeability.


This is a selection of the most important properties for the system.
» High-resolution digital images
» Continuous speed verification by applying two independent methods
» Number plate and/or driver identification
» Secure remote communication and setup
» Provides information about time, date, location, vehicle speed, speed limit
» Supports front or rear photography
» Easy non-intrusive technology, no devices buried in the road surface
» Uses Sensys’ unique multi-tracking radar
» Tracks and measures each vehicle 21 times per second
» Triggers at an adjustable speed limit and report line
» Possible to take one or multiple images of the offence
» Approved according to OIML R91

High Quality Digital Images

SSS Speed Safety SystemSENSYS Traffic can help you drive behavioral change with measurable effects. Sensys is the provider of intelligent solutions for traffic safety and traffic informatics that:

» Has a proven contribution to traffic safety improvements in the countries that now have the lowest fatality rates
» Delivers a range of cost-effective products, based on non-intrusive sensors
» Assures customer support throughout the product life cycle
» Offers 100% legal security for enforcement products – we have never lost an appeal against a violation
   due to technical reasons


Unlike others, Sensys Traffic’s portfolio is based on proprietary multi-tracking radar technology development, Unlike others, Sensys Traffic can offer Swedish Vision Zero knowledge and expertise to formulate and implement your strategies and to measure its effects.