Red Light Safety System (RLSS)
red light safety system

Red-light jumping is one of the most critical traffic violations. The fact that a traffic light is red usually implies that the lights for the crossing traffic are green – and the risk for collision is considerable. Traffic lights are normally positioned at heavily trafficked intersections and where ordinary traffic signs or right-of-way rules are not sufficient to ensure fluid traffic flow. There is therefore a statistically significant chance of driving into another road-user should a red light be neglected.


The unique feature of Sensys’ radar of being able to discern distance is used to detect a vehicle passing the stop bar during the red-light phase.


While a vehicle approaches the stop bar, its speed behaviour is analysed. If it is expected that a vehicle will not (be able to) stop before the stop bar, the system will take a picture of the vehicle just before the stop bar, showing its position, the red light and the license plate.


If the radar detects that a vehicle is indeed passing the stop bar during the red-light phase, the system will take a second picture after the vehicle has fully passed the stop bar. The second picture may be taken either by the same camera from the rear, or by a second camera located across the intersection. The latter option allows for driver identification should such be required by law.


The systems are installed in cabinets, mounted on a pole. The cabinets are made for all weather conditions and can be delivered with heaters and fans or air conditioning. All units in the system are modular and rack-mounted for easy inter-changeability.


This is a selection of the most important properties for the system.
» High-resolution digital images
» Continuous speed verification by applying two independent methods
» Number plate identification
» Secure remote communication and setup
» Two images taken for evidence recording of vehicle at red light before stop bar and after stop bar
» Provides information about time, date, location, speed, speed limit, red-light time, grace time
» Rear or front photography
» Non-intrusive technology, no devices buried in the road surface
» Uses Sensys’ unique multi-tracking radar
» Tracks and measures each vehicle 21 times per second
» Triggers at an adjustable speed limit and report line
» Single or dual camera post option available
» Approved according to OIML R91

High Quality Digital Images

Red Light Safety System (RLSS)SENSYS Traffic can help you drive behavioral change with measurable effects. Sensys is the provider of intelligent solutions for traffic safety and traffic informatics that:

» Has a proven contribution to traffic safety improvements in the countries that now have the lowest fatality rates
» Delivers a range of cost-effective products, based on non-intrusive sensors
» Assures customer support throughout the product life cycle
» Offers 100% legal security for enforcement products – we have never lost an appeal against a violation
   due to technical reasons


Unlike others, Sensys Traffic’s portfolio is based on proprietary multi-tracking radar technology development, Unlike others, Sensys Traffic can offer Swedish Vision Zero knowledge and expertise to formulate and implement your strategies and to measure its effects.