Trucam Enhancements
trucam enhancements

Enforcing traffic violations is challenging enough during the day, but when you add darkness to the equation, capturing solid proof evidence is that much harder. LTI’s custom Infrared Flash Unit gives you the capability to take easily recognizable images of a violator’s license plate at night. The unit connects to the TruCAM with either an extended sync cable or wirelessly with infrared flash links. After you set up the IR Flash +/- 40 m (130 ft) from your occupied point, you can capture images of the violator’s vehicle approximately +/- 90 m (295 ft) down the road from where you are standing. Simply toggle the TruCAM into Night Mode and add the camera lens filter to give you clear, vivid images with all the relevant violation data you’ll need.


Trucam Enhancements
Trucam + White Flash (wireless connection) =
Nighttime evidence with color of number plate
Trucam Enhancements
Field Printing for Real-Time Violations

Providing physical evidence at the time of the violation can be a powerful tool in deterring the general public from speeding or tailgating. Quickly transferring all the high-resolution TruCAM data to a field printer is easier said than done, until now. LTI’s Field Printing Software Program compresses the file size of the TruCAM video footage and high-resolution image, allowing you to quickly send all necessary violation data to a field printer. The reduced file produces a picture when the laser energy was fired along with the exact speed, time and data coupled with a vivid black- and white-close-up of the violator’s license plate. This all can be printed right in the field so you can attach the indisputable evidence along with your ticket. The original data stored on the TruCAM SD card is never compromised so you can still use it for post-processing purposes.